Glow Up Your Family Finances...

… and Say Good-Bye FOREVER to 9-5 Burnout

Hey, Sis, hey! 💕 I’m Vanessa, and I’m here to share how I:

✨I broke free from my awful corporate 9-5 job

✨stopped feeling disrespected by my colleagues

✨learned to attract abundance WITHOUT burning out on hustle culture

✨began setting my own hours

✨and started traveling whenever I wanted…

All while connecting to my inner Goddess and becoming the kind of mom and wife I’ve always dreamed of being.

You're in the

Here’s my story. 


I’d worked so hard to “win” my corporate job… and now it was sucking my soul dry.

Despite achieving the kind of job that a lot of people desire…everything felt cloudy and gray. 😔🌧

I didn’t have the energy, freedom, or money to be a vibrant, playful mom who was always taking her kids to new places…A mom who could be there in person for every single special milestone, check-up appointment, special event, and sunny park day. 

Every day felt exactly the same. Wake up. Get the kids ready for school. Commute an hour to work…

…deal with disrespect, sexism, and microaggressions all day…

…stare at the clock, commute an hour back…

…and have no energy left for anything except feeding everyone dinner and watching some TV before crashing in bed…

…so I could wake up and do the whole thing ALL OVER AGAIN the next day.

All that misery to make a big corporation richer… instead of creating a tradition of business ownership and generational wealth in my family. 

I was hiding my light away, and it wasn’t sustainable. 

But I already knew that I could manifest powerful change✨

I made it through grad school as a young mom…So if I could do that, I KNEW I could build the relaxed, abundant, self-sufficient lifestyle that my family and I deserved. 

And I knew what kind of creative work I wanted to do: graphic design was a passion I’d had for years that had been set to the side. 🎨

So I started spending my soul-sucking commutes listening to inspirational podcasts and repeating positive affirmations to myself. 

“I’m proud of everything I’ve achieved so far, and I still have more to achieve.” 

“I am determined and I will never give up.” 

“Keep going.” 

I used every break I had at work to uplevel my creative design skills, develop plans for my dream business, build connections, and seek new opportunities. 

Expanding my mindset and pushing myself to level up was LONELY at first.

A lot of entrepreneurship spaces don’t provide the unique support moms need. Hustle culture doesn’t mix with family. 

And a lot of advice out there doesn’t consider that some of us can’t bail on our 9-5 jobs and move to Bali… 🙄

So I felt like a lot of the resources I had access to weren’t meant for me. 

And not everyone in my personal life empathized with why my business and family had to come first. I often felt isolated and unsupported.

Between maintaining my 9-5 schedule, taking care of my family, and spending the rest of my time building a business, I was exhausted. I sacrificed leisure time, sleeping in, and traveling. Every minute went into my family or my business- no exceptions. 

But I refused to give up.

And my days are full of magic now 🥰

I’m so glad I became a Mompreneur. I’m thriving, my business is booked out, and I’ve learned SO MUCH along the way. 

Not just about how to be my own boss, but about how to manage my energy, consciously create abundance and luxury during tough moments, and how to stay devoted to my inner Goddess.

I’ve gone from worker bee to CEO, and IT FEELS PHENOMENAL. PERIODT 



✨I work the hours I need and want to, depending on how much work I feel like taking on. And I spend my days designing graphics and websites for folks in my community who love and appreciate what I do for them.

✨Every day, I make time to soak up some sunshine. I recharge through self-care and yummy exercise like walking, cardio, and yoga to stay refreshed and focused.

✨My morning routine is on point, and I have plenty of energy to cook healthy meals for my husband and kids, take smoothie breaks, and get my day’s work done while lounging in my favorite cafe.

✨I set boundaries that feel GREAT. Every Friday is a half-day, and I take a whole week off every month to travel, play, and explore nature. 🏝

✨And the best part? I’m there when my kids and partner need me to be. I am all theirs when we’re together because I’m not exhausted, burned out, and overwhelmed.

I feel so relieved knowing that I can make time in my schedule to show up for the important things without burning through PTO or having to take unpaid time off. I can be there if there’s a family emergency, or unexpected good news that makes us want to drop everything and celebrate.

I never have to stress about being laid off unexpectedly. I decide how much I make, and I don’t have to worry about surprise expenses messing with our financial goals. 💵💰

✨I used to live to work. Now, I work to live- and to cultivate abundance for future generations.

✨Now that I’m here, I want to share EVERYTHING I’ve learned with you✨

I believe in you, Mama! 

I know that anything I can do, you can do too. Moms are just built stronger- we can conquer anything we want to and STILL have dinner hot on the table at the end of the day. 🍲

But sometimes we just need a little support, love, and motivation to get us where we want to be. 

Getting to this point in my journey was harder and lonelier than it had to be, and I’ve thought a lot about the resources I wish I’d had when I started out that would have made starting my business faster, cheaper, more intuitive, and less isolating. 

Course For Moms, By A Mom

I wish that I’d had access to a course that was created by another mom, specifically FOR moms. I was on my own when it came to learning how to balance my business and my family, and it was frustrating to have to sift through material meant for people that weren’t like me. 

Moms, Come Together

I wish that I’d had more community support from other moms who actually understood what I was going through. The struggles we face trying to balance our own needs with our kids’ needs are very specific- and if you don’t have kids, you can’t really understand what it’s like. 

Change Your Life Today

Finally, I wish that I’d had more emotional and spiritual support on my journey as well. In the hard moments, mindset is all we’ve got- so keeping it positive needs to be a priority if you’re going to reset your life and manifest abundance. 🫶🏾

My journey was hard… but yours doesn’t have to be.

Picture this.....I’ve compiled EVERYTHING I’ve learned into a course designed SPECIFICALLY for Mompreneurs who are navigating a 9-5 and trying to keep their households afloat while starting a business all at the same time.  

I wanted to make it spiritual, high-value, and accessible- because let’s face it, not everyone can just shell out over $10,000 on coaching when they’re just starting out. 

What's Included


✨8 transformationa-l modules✨


Delivered live on Zoom, and then unlimited replays on a private YouTube channel- so that way, you’ll be able to go back to your favorite parts of the material whenever you want, and you won’t miss out on important information if a school meeting or play date pops up at the last minute. 

It’s designed for YOUR schedule, however crazy it is right now. 




✨Community support from other moms who REALLY GET IT…✨

Community support from other moms who REALLY GET IT…✨ 

Through 10 weeks of Telegram group chat support just for your business questions…

Paired with a private community group in FB to hold space for each other, work through challenges as sisters, and build a support squad of Mompreneurs who have your back.  

Nobody understands what you’re going through like other moms that share your goals. You deserve a space where you can receive love and uplifting energy whenever you need it. 


✨PDF workbook and the most fun homework assignments you’ll ever do ✨

PDF workbook and the most fun homework assignments you’ll ever do

Your feel-good growth mindset needs to be reinforced EVERY DAY. Multiple times a day! So I’m including weekly themes and affirmations to keep you feeling light and glowy, and a deep dive into mindset, including all my favorite techniques to bust through self-doubt and limiting beliefs. Shine your light! 


Bonus #1

Build Your Magnetic Business Masterclass($397 value)

There are millions if not billions of businesses trying to make a name for themselves, having a strong brand is crucial for business success. This masterclass is aimed at teaching aspiring business owners how to create a brand for their business and grow their online presence organically.


Bonus #2

$0-4 Figure Masterclass
($397 value)

If you're a mom looking to make her first 4-figure month in the next 90 days and leverage your experience and expertise, then masterclass is perfect for you!


Bonus #3

1:1 Strategy Session
($497 value)

​Are you really a DIY Mom? ​- That's up to you. I only want to give you the best information possible during our strategy session so that you can make the best choice for your business. No pressure here. We'll do lunch and talk about how you can create a thriving business while raising your family. Topics covered are marketing, sales, and strategic planning to help you reach your goals for the quarter.


I feel incredibly lucky that I found Vanessa

she has really amazing insights on how the visuals of a brand can build authority and she's constantly doing research to stay on top of current should absolutely book with Vanessa"

Frankie - Copywriter

black woman in car

 She gave me some very helpful information in regards to me setting up my website

and starting my business. She also gave me some great words of encouragement. I felt supported and inspired after our session. Working with Vanessa was a pleasure. I look forward to working with her in the future!"

Tonya- Blogger


Vanessa was super clear and super amazing!

I love her organization and professionalism. She helped me learn to trust the process and it felt so effortless and enjoyable to work with her"

Jennifer- Self-Published Author


Meet Your Coach

Mompreneur & Website Designer

Hi, I'm Vanessa!

I broke free from my awful corporate 9-5 job, stopped feeling disrespected by my colleagues, learned to attract abundance WITHOUT burning out on hustle culture, began setting my own hours, and started traveling whenever I wanted…

All while connecting to my inner Goddess and becoming the kind of mom and wife I’ve always dreamed of being. I'm on a mission to help 100 moms start a online business and become the mom that they always dreamed of being too!


Waitlist members have the chance to join before anyone  else and get access to an exclusive discount of $500 off the enrollment price.


Unfortunately, there is one. 😬 In order to make sure everyone gets individualized attention and to keep the community tight-knit… I’m capping this container at 10 people. 

Group programs with hundreds or thousands of participants offer a different experience than what I envision for $0- 4 Figure Mompreneur.

I want to build a safe, tight-knit community, create a sacred space to dive deep, and keep the vibe divine. This small size feels right for an intimate, transformational experience. 


Small coaching containers usually come at an exclusive price point, but I really wanted to make this accessible. 

So I’m offering $0-4 Figure Mompreneur for one payment of $2,500. 

And I’m also offering a payment plan- just a $200 deposit to save your spot, followed by 6 bi-weekly payments of $500.

In return, you receive all the tools you need to build your empire, PLUS an amazing network of women who understand how to support you. 

If you have any questions, let’s talk to see if I can help you achieve your goals. (This program won’t be the right fit for everyone, and that’s totally ok).

But if: 

But you also receive: 

🌈freedom… the ability to choose your own destiny… job security when you need it most… getting to scale your income according to your needs and your family’s needs… choosing the clients and causes you work with… and unlimited vacation time. 🌈

I get it. As moms, we are told to never spend on ourselves. But now is the time to challenge that idea! 

Because with $0-$4 Figure Mompreneur, you’re not just spending on your own development. 

You’re taking the first step towards cultivating a business that will create abundance for years to come and show your kids (and grandkids, and great-grandkids) that they can take ownership of their work life, set their own standards, and create generational wealth to pass down. 🙌🏾

💕elevating your mindset

💕connecting with other moms

💕and taking your first steps towards building generational wealth

feels like a gigantic YES! …then click the button below to secure your spot (before they all fill up).

Get It Now!


  • ✨One 1:1 60 min. strategy session✨
  • ✨8 transformational modules✨
  • ✨10 weeks of Telegram group chat support✨
  • ✨Private community group in FB✨
  • ✨$0 to 4-Figure Mompreneur PDF Workbook + The Funnest Homework Ever ✨
  • ✨ Weekly Themes + Affirmations ✨
  • ✨Graduation (if you're local to New Haven, CT we'll meetup for a celebratory luxe dinner) ✨


$1000 3 monthly payments
  • ✨One 1:1 30 min. strategy session ✨
  • ✨ 8 transformational modules ✨
  • ✨10 weeks of Telegram group chat support
  • ✨ Private community group in FB ✨
  • ✨$0 to 4-Figure Mompreneur Workbook + Funnest Homework Ever ✨
  • ✨Weekly Themes + Affirmations ✨
  • ✨Graduation (If you're local to New Haven, CT we will meetup for celebratory luxe dinner) ✨

No refunds due to the nature that this is a service that includes all digital assets that cannot be returned. This site is SSL Secure.

This is for you if...

You're a busy person that wants the best for your business and babies.

You're ready to start meeting other moms from across the globe!

You're ready to finally make your dreams a priority

This is not for you if...

You're not ready to follow along with a step-by-step system that has been proven to work.

You think you can adapt this to make it work for side hustles. No. Wrong Vibe. Stop.

You're looking to get rich quick and exploit other people by running a MLM business for your own greedy purposes.

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