From Commuting to Comfort: Why Working From Home is the Way to Go for Moms


Are you tired of the daily commute and the monotony of a traditional office job?

It’s time to consider working from home in 2023! Trust me, the benefits are endless.

Picture this: no more waking up extra early to beat traffic to drop the children off at daycare or school and rushing to get ready before the clock strikes 8. With remote work, you can take your time to drop the children off at daycare or school, set your own schedule, and work from the comfort of your own home in your sweatpants, hair tied, chilling with no makeup on (shoutout to Heartbreak Drake from the Six).


  1. Flexible schedule: Working from home allows moms to set their own schedule and work around their family’s needs.
  2. Reduced childcare expenses: With remote work, moms can save money on childcare costs since they’re able to be home with their children.
  3. Increased work-life balance: Working from home allows moms to balance work and family responsibilities more effectively, reducing stress and improving mental health.
  4. Improved productivity: Moms who work from home can avoid distractions from colleagues and office environment, resulting in increased productivity.
  5. No commuting: Remote work eliminates the need for moms to commute to work, saving them time and reducing stress.
  6. Reduced stress: Working from home can reduce stress levels, as moms don’t have to worry about the pressures of office politics or rush hour traffic.
  7. More time with family: With remote work, moms can spend more quality time with their children and partner.
  8. Increased autonomy: Moms who work from home have more control over their work and can take ownership of their projects and responsibilities.
  9. Health benefits: Remote work can lead to improved health outcomes, including increased physical activity and a reduction in the spread of illness.
  10. Financial benefits: Working from home can lead to financial benefits, including reduced transportation costs and a more cost-effective work wardrobe.

Of course, remote work isn’t for everyone. It’s best suited for those who are self-motivated and thrive with increased flexibility. If this sounds like you, then being a virtual assistant could be the perfect fit!

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